The ASC Team

What We Do

In a world in which knowledge is the true social currency, ASC makes sure our client’s news is heard. We are strategists, communicators, designers and storytellers. We are curious. We are plugged in. And we genuinely care.

We maintain excellent relationships with significant writers, editors and on-air personalities. With our focus on luxury hospitality, soft adventure, emerging destinations, lifestyle, art and artists, and the non-profit sector, ASC moves fluidly and effectively between various industries and media. Our services support companies, identify great stories, and garner media coverage to assist our clients in reaching their audiences. Quite simply, ASC gets word out about your brand in strategic, imaginative, and effective ways.

We work with different types of media, all of which can work together in an effective campaign:

Earned Media

  • Media Relations
  • Media Relations

    ASC takes pride in our ability to secure top-tier local, regional, national and international media coverage to support the business goals of our clients.

    How do we do this? By listening to our clients and understanding their goals, audiences and key influencers, as well as their target markets. We leverage technologies and our own research to develop powerful media lists designed to prominently position clients in specific media outlets that reach their target audiences. Next, we counsel clients and prepare them for interviews, meetings and appearances so they can maximize their time with reporters.

    Our media-relations work is based on a proactive and strategic process with the goal of securing news coverage. We develop customized pitches for every reporter and, when appropriate, offer exclusive opportunities for select media to break news before press materials are distributed.

    ASC’s media-relations services include:

    • Print, broadcast and online media relations
    • Media training
    • Position brand spokesperson
    • Crisis management/reputation management
    • Social media relations
    • Community relations
    • Event planning and management
  • Crisis Communications
  • Crisis Communications

    A crisis can strike any company at any time. With experience and proven success at managing crisis situations, ASC provides clients with effective options for crisis communications and online reputation management solutions.  We develop and execute plans to balance any negative publicity with positive publicity as well as to help companies successfully emerge from crisis situations and take steps to prepare should such needs arise again.

Owned Media

  • Social Media
  • Social Media

    If public relations is ‘earned media’ and advertising is ‘paid media,’ social media is ‘owned media’. The distinctions are nuanced, but guiding clients through the ever-changing social media landscape is part of ASC’s work. Whether we’re coordinating with your in-house social media manager or taking charge of your social media platforms, we pride ourselves on our ability to create compelling, brand-specific content for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

  • Branding
  • Branding

    With massive shifts in media consumption, many traditional marketing programs are no longer effective for brands. Companies must launch strategic branding programs to build and solidify their market leadership.

    To resonate with their audiences, companies need to make noise. To make noise, they need to make waves that flow into information streams to connect and create real relationships with their audiences. It is ASC’s job to communicate for our clients, satisfying their audience’s craving for knowledge and creating meaningful connections.

  • Website Design
  • Website Design

    We love a good website.  But a successful Internet presence requires an effective strategy to ensure that the site will support the company’s business goals.

    ASC develops and designs websites with a combination of technologies that enable clients to realize their digital goals. For existing sites that need improvements, our team can work on refining content and freshening up basic functionality to appeal to their audiences.

  • Event Marketing
  • Event Marketing

    ASC has successfully planned and executed all types of events for our clients, including launch parties, speaking engagements, and meetings.  We take a practical, strategic approach to helping clients create new – and newsworthy – events or identify existing opportunities that will support their business goals by solidifying their thought-leadership, positioning them in front of potential clients and referral sources, and offering prospects for networking directly with target audiences.

  • Content Marketing
  • Content Marketing

    One way to standout in an increasingly competitive media landscape is by complementing traditional PR and digital campaigns with content marketing. ASC creates and amplifies stories to drive business to your website.

    Content comes in many forms, including byline articles, newsletters, experiential videos, and animated GIFs. We work with your brand to create compelling content and get it placed in front of your target audience.

Paid Media

  • Internet Marketing
  • Internet Marketing

    News coverage, keyword search results, online consumer reviews, and word-of-mouth recommendations have become stronger influencers than paid media.  An Internet strategy centered on earned media rather than paid advertising isn’t a luxury – it’s a must. ASC and our partners provide clients with practical, strategic counsel in Internet marketing that will support their business goals and position them for sustained growth.

Our Clients

We work with an eclectic selection of clientele in luxury travel, adventure, art, design, and development. They include artists, hotels filled with beautiful stories, forward-thinking non-profit organizations, emerging destinations, art museums, and established luxury brands looking to rethink their identity. Every single client inspires us and makes us proud to share their messages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to customize the communications elements and media in our campaign. Is that possible?

Yes. Absolutely. We customize campaigns for each of our clients.

Will you work on a project-by-project basis?

Our answer is often yes and sometimes no. Tell us more, please. If a project is very short term it often does not make sense for the client or us. We try to stick with projects that last at least six months.

What fuels our passion and makes us get to work every morning?

We genuinely like what we do. The communications industry is changing rapidly, but at its heart it is still about communicators and audiences. The term “buzz” may be inspired by the hum of bees in their hives, but it is about the emotion, energy, excitement and anticipation generated by the products, services and motivations of individuals and organizations. In an information-rich world people and companies are constantly in transformation, creating energy that allows ideas to thrive. ASC is a distributor of fresh information and ideas through myriad channels that help create and then feed this buzz with substance and knowledge.

How important are our clients?

Client-agency relationships are at the top of the list for ASC. We get excited about the projects our clients are involved with and their transformation into successful companies, artists or non-profit organizations. Genuine enthusiasm is something we can’t fake – that’s why we occasionally have to say no to ideas or projects that come our way. The media trusts us, and we value that relationship as much as we value our clients.

What is like to work with ASC?

We are open-minded, honest and effective. Our footing in the travel and art worlds often makes for great crossover promotions and ideas. We are quick on our feet and think that the term “digital-detox” is overrated.

Interested in a good story? We want to hear from you.

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