African Bush Camps Introduces
“Impact Safaris,” Combining Wilderness with Community Development & Conservation

10 day-safaris focused on conservation, female empowerment or education encourage participation in regenerative travel in Botswana, Zambia & Zimbabwe

From eye-widening wildlife to pulse-quickening adventure activities, there is much to excite and enlighten travelers on safari in the bush of Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Zambia. With its new collection of Impact Safaris, African Bush Camps (ABC) is going even further, offering opportunities to participate in sustainable travel to aid rural communities located on the outskirts wildlife reserves. Combined with safari experiences in some of the least-touched areas of the continent, Impact Safaris offer avenues for travelers to immerse themselves in natural beauty as well as in local culture and communities.

While many safari operators are involved in local philanthropy, ABC’s Impact Safaris go further, embracing pillars of regenerative travel by funding education, community empowerment, and conservation initiatives via significant donations from guest bookings. Contributions combine a percentage of the safari rate plus USD $10 for each night and guest at an ABC camp. The latter is in the form of a fee that ABC contributes from all its safaris towards the operational cost of African Bush Camps Foundation (ABCF).

Impact in Numbers

Impact Safaris have a lot to showcase, notably the impact of ABC’s Foundation in the three countries in which ABC operates. During 2022, for instance, ABCF funded the renovation of 3 schools; supported 27 teachers and 28 families; aided the education of 707 students; assisted more than 3,000 patients; backed 3 women-led skills projects; fed the families of 80 rangers; served 8,990 meals and supplied 12,000 kilograms of meat to rangers; spent 4,000 hours patrolling 33,000 kilometers of wilderness against illegal poaching; and more.

Whether or not they experience Africa on an Impact Safari itinerary, all ABC travelers can rest assured that their journey, including conservation fees and bed-night levies, contribute to the funding of ABCF projects.

So, what’s an Impact Safari?

The new Impact Safaris are available in three themes: conservation, the empowerment of girls and women, and education projects. The safari collection showcases ABCF’s projects for travelers to experience first-hand, encouraging their participation in the betterment of communities while opening the door for them to volunteer or donate to projects on their own.

Conservation Empowerment Safari – Help to improve human-wildlife coexistence where it matters most. This Impact Safari takes travelers on a journey through national parks and communities, providing insight into ABC’s conservation efforts and how the company actively partners with communities while educating, equipping and supporting them to live in harmony with wildlife. At Bumi Hills Safari Lodge in Zimbabwe, one of three destinations on the itinerary, travelers will work with the nearby Mola community to build and erect a lion boma as part of ABC’s efforts to keep local livestock safe and reduce retaliation killing of wildlife in the area. $2,000 per booking donated to ABCF toward purchasing and erecting a lion boma for Mola.

Women Empowerment Safari – An educational, inspirational, and collaborative journey showcasing the beauty, strength and resolve of women in Africa, this Impact Safari opens a window into the ambitious goal of ABC’s female guides program to train 25 female guides by 2025, as well as to empower communities by investing in healthcare and women-run projects that give women a voice, skills, ownership, and independence. At Linyanti Bush Camp in Botswana, explore with up-and-coming women guides who will share their personal journey as well as the immerse travelers in the wilderness of the bush. Also, visit the Vuche Vuche Basket Weaving initiative in Mabele Village, with traditional Botswana singing, dancing and weaving, and the preparation of a traditional meal. $5,000 per booking donated to ABCF toward funding, training and licensing of one female guide.

Learner Development Safari – Embrace an opportunity to serve at local schools where ABC is actively working and investing in development and resources to improve the quality of learning. At Thorntree River Lodge in Zambia, visit the Maunga clinic where ABC has improved access to much-needed healthcare for women by building a maternity ward, as well as Maunga Primary where travelers can volunteer with the nutrition program and see how learners and teachers are supported through a variety of programming including infrastructure improvements and access to educational resources and materials. 10% of each booking donated to ABCF towards the funding of the school products.

Click on the following links for a detailed itinerary for the three Impact Safaris:

An overview of African Bush Camps’ Impact Safaris:

Visiting Mambanje and Dete near Somalisa Camp in Zimbabwe:

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