African Bush Camps’ Ngwana Club

Introducing African Bush Camps’ Ngwana Club

A day in the life of a family safari is fluid, exciting, varied, and full of special moments that will live on in family history for a lifetime. At African Bush Camps (ABC), children are welcomed into the Ngwana Club with child specialist guides to tailor safaris to families for the duration of their stay. The Club takes into consideration the age of the children and any special interests or requests, promoting a philosophy that embraces families in the wild.  A wide range of activities are on offer, incorporating tailor-made activities for children of all ages, including:

Ngwana Club Cooking Classes

Eating well is a big part of a memorable safari experience and that includes a family feast. At Somalisa Acacia and Linyanti Ebony, there are wood-fired pizza ovens.

Children are invited to design their own pizzas with ABC chefs in camp, and families are encouraged to have a taste test competition. The ‘make-your-own-slushy’ station is open during the warmer months, providing both entertainment and an icy drink on a warm afternoon.


The child specialist guides enjoy sharing the history and folklore of the area and their people and will dress in authentic tribal regalia and perform a play, imparting their traditional history and legends and an interactive drumming session.

Arts and Crafts/Beading

An arts and crafts corner is set up for children, a place where they can let their creativity run wild after the stimulation and inspiration of their new surroundings take hold. Here, children can thread beads to make a bracelet or necklace to take home as a memento of their time in the bush, as well as indulge in coloring in and picture painting.

Fireside Story-telling After Dark

Story-telling and star-gazing with the child specialist guide, accompanied by hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows around the fire. This is a time to reflect on your day, your time spent together as a family, and the memories that will last a lifetime that have been made together whilst on safari.

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