Flights between Torres del Paine and Patagonia National Park in Chile to launch December 27, 2021


Explora is launching a convenient new service for travelers to bridge the mountainous distances between two Explora lodges in Patagonia near the southern tip of South America. Adding to the company’s transfers by van, Explora Connects, is a private charter service offering small and medium plane flights between Torres del Paine and Patagonia National Park in Chile.  The journey between Explora Torres del Paine and the new Explora El Chaltén, Argentina, is currently offered via land transfer. The result is a new Explora Patagonia Circuit unmatched in convenience, ease of access, and adventure.

With land and air transfer services available to reach Patagonia’s most precious and remote territories, Explora guests now have access to three immersive Explora programs. With a minimum of four nights per lodge, the new Patagonia circuit can be combined to create an eight-night or a 12-night journey linking two or three Explora lodges.

Regardless of the length of stay, the Patagonia Circuit combines Explora experiences in two or three vastly different regions.  The 20-room Explora El Chaltén in Argentina is the expedition company’s first foray west of the Andes in a territory renowned for world-class trekking under the view of the mythical Mount Fitz Roy.

Three Explora Lodges In Patagonia

Explora’s most intimate property with just ten rooms in Chile’s Patagonia National Park proudly serves outdoor enthusiasts in one of Douglas Tompkins’s founded national parks. The territory is testimony to one of the world’s most important environmental philanthropy projects. Patagonia National Park offers outstanding landscapes to explore and wildlife-watching opportunities in one of the largest grassland restoration projects in history.  The region is home to Tompkins Conservation-led rewilding work focused on cougars, Andean condors, Darwin’s Rheas, and huemul deer.

Set amidst a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in southern Patagonia, Explora Torres del Paine is the beginning of all things Explora.  Home to the iconic Paine massif, the park encompasses glaciers, lakes, and wide-open steppes.  The destination is the cradle of gaucho culture and world-class horseback riding.

An example itinerary combines Explora’s lodges in Chile: at 9 am, flights depart from Puerto Natales, a 2.25 hours drive from Explora in Torres del Paine, and fly for 1.5 hours northbound to Cochrane, just  35 minutes from Explora in Patagonia National Park. Return flights depart Cochrane at 3 pm and travel north-to-south back to Puerto Natales. The total travel time will take approximately 5 hours – vastly more convenient than existing commercial options, which can take up to 20 hours.

Transfers by Van or Charter Flight

Availability will be once weekly, always on Mondays, to start. Travelers bound between Torres del Paine and El Chaltén can travel with Explora via exclusive van, with no end of beautiful sights and scenes to view the way.

Passengers of Explora Connects will travel in Beechcraft King Air, a twin-turboprop aircraft sized to transport up to 6 travelers and a crew of 2 in comfort.  Programs combining destinations and flights will start at USD 9,670 per person.

Explora Torres del Paine, Explora Parque Nacional Patagonia, and Explora El Chaltén all offer a wide array of custom-crafted explorations via hike, mountain and e-bike, horseback, and passenger van, in remote territories of cultural and natural richness with informed and eloquent bilingual guides.  A leader in addressing contemporary and socio-environmental challenges and mitigating effects of the climate crisis, Explora inspires, immerses, and cares for travelers and communities in which Explora operates along the way. 

Explora’s Commitment

Traveling with Explora is always carbon neutral, and rates include offsetting travelers’ carbon footprint to net zero. A certified B Corporation since April 2021, Explora values the promotion of policies addressing climate change, the conveyance of benefits to local communities, and the highest standards of management and transparency. The company is committed to reducing 46% of its carbon footprint by 2030 and historically compensating for its emissions. 

Explora lodges offer all the luxury necessary for travelers to deepen their experience in remote wilderness, with welcoming staff and Explora-trained bilingual guides. Amenities vary and include onsite spas, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, horse stables, restaurants, and lounges serving authentically local gastronomic experiences. Explora rates always include explorations, meals and an open bar, park fees, and roundtrip van transfers to the closest airport.

In keeping with its reputation for attentive client service and all-encompassing service, Explora will take care of all details for travel via Explora Connects, including reservations and airport transfers.

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