Explora Heads to the World’s Largest Salt Flat and Driest Desert with ‘Travesía Atacama & Uyuni’ Across Chile and Bolivia

August 25, 2022

Journey 7 – 11 nights through the striking beauty of the Uyuni Salt Flat and Atacama Desert, with deep explorations, culturally rich itineraries and accommodation in Explora Mountain Homes

Immerse deeply in discoveries from destination to destination on Travesía Atacama & Uyuni, a new private guided nomadic journey from Explora across the border of Chile and Bolivia. Running 7 to 11 nights, Travesía Atacama & Uyuni invites travelers to witness the endless white expanse of the Uyuni Salt Flat, the world’s largest salt flat, and the Atacama Desert, the world’s driest desert, with mesmerizing scenery and explorations from every angle along the way.

Like Explora lodges in remote destinations across South America, Explora Travesías are inspired by Explora’s promise to go deeper, celebrating remote-yet-culturally rich regions through in-depth exploration with private guides heightening the experience.

Travesías Atacama & Uyuni checks all the boxes. Traveling from Atacama, Chile to Uyuni, Bolivia, the journey weaves along the Qhapaqnan section of the ancient Inca trail through a supernatural highland world both sheer in its immensity and dotted with volcanoes, vibrantly colorful lagoons, flamboyances of flamingos, steaming geysers, and monumental rock formations.

Hiking, biking, and excursions by van take travelers to local villages and breathtaking terrain, including places so removed even some locals don’t know about them. Connecting with farmers and experiencing their ancient cultures is also a highlight, with travel along old community trails and opportunities to learn about quinoa cultivation and highlands shepherds, and savor a culinary experience from Bolivian Chef Mauricio López of Ancestral restaurant in La Paz. True adventurers will be tempted by a hike to Tunupa volcano, a sacred protector of local villages, and everyone will be in awe of stunning sunrises and sunsets – with zero chance of rain.

Explora Mountain Homes and Lodge

The Travesía Atacama & Uyuni route takes travelers to two new Explora Mountain Homes and, as of March 2023, to one new Explora lodge purpose-built for adventure and set in isolated locations in the Andes. Designed by architect Max Núnez, head of the Masters in Architecture Program at Universidad Católica de Chile, the two Explora Mountain Homes, Ramaditas and Chituca, are essential spaces of prefabricated, minimalistic, and light construction to ensure as little interference as possible with the ground beneath and the surrounding territory. Each private Explora Mountain Home is arrayed for comfort and restoration with space for up to 8 travelers in 4 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, as well as a separate dining area serving indigenous cuisine created from local ingredients and a lounge pouring local wines.  The new Explora lodge, Explora Uyuni, will have 6 rooms and can host up to 12 travelers.

Start Your Adventure

Explora offers Travesía Atacama & Uyuni with departures available daily from Explora Atacama in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, with a one-person minimum per journey. Each traveler (or couple) will travel in their own 4×4 vehicle with a private local driver and Explora-trained, bilingual guide (English and Spanish) from either country. The season runs April 15-December 15.

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