Explora Extends Travesía Season Offering Year-Round Privately Guided Journey from Chile to Bolivia

Itineraries of 7 to 11 nights now running
from January to December


There is no end to the stark beauty waiting to awe travelers on Travesía Atacama & Uyuni, and now no end to the season as Explora announces year-round availability of the private guided nomadic journey connecting remote regions across the border of Chile and Bolivia. Launched by Explora in summer of 2022, the Travesía originally ran from April to December. But thanks to strong interest and smooth operation, the season will now run from January to December, beginning March 15, 2023.

Available with itineraries from 7 to 11 nights, Travesía Atacama & Uyuni promises true immersion and discoveries from one Explora destination to another across the border, with mesmerizing scenery and explorations of natural and cultural wonders from every angle. The journey follows the lead of other Travesía before it, exploring the otherworldly Atacama Desert, the world’s driest desert outside of Polar Regions, and the endless white expanses of the Uyuni Salt Flat of Bolivia, the world’s largest salt flat. At 990 and 3,900 square miles, respectively, both offer much to satisfy Explora’s promise to take travelers deep into remote-yet-culturally rich areas in the company of private guides who really know their way around.

For Well-Traveled Explorers 

Designed for well-traveled explorers who prefer adventure far off the tourist track, the Travesía is an immersive way of traveling and exploring the Altiplano of northern Chile and western Bolivia, where the Andes Mountains are at their widest. The setting is so otherworldly and intriguing that Explora now operates two different Mountain Lodges and one Uyuni Lodge in the region, each offering essential luxuries distinguished through minimal and light-on-earth design that define the expedition company’s style of hospitality.

Travesía Atacama & Uyuni is designed to be experienced in complete privacy, with two or more guests, an Explora-trained guide, and local driver, and nights spent in comfort at various Explora Lodges or Mountain Lodges. Activities and territories are tailored to the interests of travelers, with rewarding days that are relaxed and contemplative or physically demanding, as wished.

Private Guide and Driver
Traveling from Atacama to Uyuni, the route weaves along the Qhapaqnan of the ancient Inca trail through a supernatural highland world both sheer in its immensity and dotted with volcanoes, vibrant lagoons, flamboyances of flamingos, steaming geysers, and monumental rock formations. Hiking, biking, and van excursions reveal life in local villages and breathtaking terrain, with some spots so removed that even locals don’t know about them.

Highlights of the journey include menus designed by Chefs Mauricio López and Sebastiân Geminénez of renowned Ancestral restaurant in La Paz, Bolivia; a hike to Tunupa volcano, sacred protector of local villages; and stunning sunrises and sunsets without fail. At night, look forward to stargazing through some of the world’s clearest skies and taking a guided tour of the heavens with your Explora guide en route or at the onsite observatory of Explora Atacama Lodge – one of the best private observatories in Chile.

Start Your Nomadic Adventure

Explora offers Travesía Atacama & Uyuni with departures available daily from Explora Atacama in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, with a two-person minimum per journey. Each traveler (or couple) will travel in their own 4×4 vehicle with a private local driver and Explora-trained, bilingual guide (English and Spanish) from either country. Starting March 15, 2023, the season runs year-round.

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