Jacada Travel Reimagines the Grand Tour
for Contemporary Travellers

Meticulously planned private travel with personal itineraries, luxury stays, and maximised experiences immerse guests in authentic local culture

Insights about
  • Jacada Travel’s modern take on “Grand Tours”
  • Grand Tours are private trips that last weeks instead of years
  • Crafted by seasoned Jacada Travel Designers who live, work, and often grew up in the regions in which they specialise

In a world brimming with travel options, Jacada Travel has reimagined the Grand Tour for contemporary travellers with bespoke travel and fully customised itineraries meticulously designed for immersion in the culture and beauty of classic destinations. Jacada Travel has reimagined the Grand Tour for contemporary travellers with bespoke travel and fully customised itineraries meticulously designed for immersion in the culture and beauty of classic destinations. Based in London with operations on six continents, Jacada Travel has refined the travel concept that was once a rite of passage for upper-class aristocrats, layering guided excursions in Europe, Asia, and Latin America with experiential luxuries, adventures, and cultural immersions, as well as a sense of purpose to benefit communities they explore.

“We design Grand Tours as opportunities for true enrichment, for travellers to go beyond mere sightseeing and discover what shaped destinations over centuries and continue to do so today,” said Alex Malcolm, Managing Director and Founder of Jacada Travel. “Meticulously planned to maximise experience, private access, and itineraries crafted to client preferences and schedules, Grand Tours are a terrific way for people to travel, grow, and get to know the world together.”

When the Going Gets Grand

The Grand Tour was quite a tradition in the 17th and 18th centuries, when wealthy young men and women eying entrance into elite society enhanced their educations with cultural enlightenment garnered through months- or years-long tours of the great cities of Europe.

Few can commit to such time these days, so Jacada Travel has fashioned its own take on the Grand Tour with carefully designed private trips that last weeks instead of years, and itineraries created by seasoned Jacada Travel Designers who live, work, and often grew up in the regions in which they specialise. Leading up to a tour, Travel Designers listen closely to customers to ensure their every desire will be met or exceeded through insider access to cultural experiences at galleries, museums, and historical sites, as well as off-the-radar settings known only to locals that reveal the true character of a destination.

Well suited for couples, multi-generational families, and solo explorers, Jacada Travel’s Grand Tours tap fully vetted, expert local guides who really know their way around, and include the most luxurious amenities from stays in highly rated hotels and apartments in the vibrant hearts of cities, to transportation between destinations via private car, luxury rail, or air. Full support is also key to every Jacada Travel tour, with travel designers and concierge ready to cater to guest needs throughout, before, and after their trip.

Modern Enlightenment

The experiential possibilities for a Grand Tour from Jacada Travel are as broad as the client desires, with personal predilections as essential ingredients. With continent-wide connections and experience, the company can craft tours anywhere, but in particular through 21 countries in Europe, 12 countries in Asia, and 14 in Latin America.

The options are endless, but in Europe, imagine a private driving tour of Paris, and a behind-the-scenes look at the Palace of Versailles with access to the private apartments King Louis XIV and Madame de Pompadour; touring the ancient monuments of Athens and relaxing on Santorini as the sunset drops into the sparkling Aegean Sea; scaling the heights of Renaissance art and culture in Florence, strolling the spectacular Piazza del Duomo in Siena, perusing hidden galleries, museums, and palazzos in Venice, and learning the art of pizza making with a chef in Rome; and exploring Ljublajna, the capital of Slovenia, with an evening boat cruise, or taking a private tour of the hilltop walled village of Smartno.

On the other side of the world in Asia, a Grand Tour might include the cultural highlights of Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand, with buzzing Bangkok and the incredible temples of Angkor Wat; the best of Japanese culture with classic explorations and gourmet tours of Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka; exploring the futuristic cities and traditional villages of South Korea, with highlights such as Gyeongbokgung Palace and national treasures and contemporary works from Korean and international artists at the Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art in Seoul; and scrambling to the stunning caldera lake atop Mount Batur, or learning to cook delicate national dishes via private culinary classes in Bali, Indonesia.

Travel with Purpose

Key to a Grand Tour – indeed, to every journey from Jacada Travel – is the company’s embrace of travel with purpose and opportunities for close contact with local populations that result. Each travel experience is designed and meticulously planned to be enriching and uplifting for clients, the communities they visit, as well as the Jacada Travel team, which constantly cultivates connections to ensure clients get the most from their experience.

Details, Details…

Grand Tours from Jacada Travel range in price according to length, destination, experiences, and amenities, including luxury accommodation and transportation. All clients liaise with a designated Travel Designer to ensure their travel vision and dreams are firmly placed into their individually crafted itineraries. Jacada’s team is based across four continents, with deep local expertise in each location.

The Jacada superheroes – on-the-ground support teams – ensure that trips are seamless and, if necessary, jump in to resolve any mid-journey issues before travellers become aware of them. And when something doesn’t work out as planned, the team is ready with a plan B because sometimes a changed plan turns into an adventure of a lifetime.

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