REMO Designs Modular Workspaces for Comfort and Productivity Adjacent to the World’s Finest Hotels

Solo- and group-sized workspaces set before beautiful views are the polar opposites of hard-edge traditional office spaces


From the spare desk in the family room, to the table at the public library, to the corner seat in the coffee shop, remote workers have many options for working remotely. But nothing approaches the modular workspaces now being rolled out by REMO at the world’s finest hotels. Energy-efficient, high-tech, ergonomically, and sized for solos or groups, REMO workspaces are work environments designed for comfort and productivity.

REMO offices were conceived as welcoming, mature, and distinct from the hard-edged atmospheres of traditional office spaces. “Our design is intended to inspire people and provide them with the tools to do their best work,” notes Tom Wallace, REMO’s Head of Design, who was inspired by his own experience working at home with his wife during the pandemic. “We had a small dining table with uncomfortable chairs and no space for taking calls. It showed me that remote work can be difficult in a space that isn’t designed for it.”

Wherever the locations, the key element of the REMO experience is the modular office which is available in two sizes.  The team office is sized for up to four people with a footprint of 430 ft2. The interior of each team-ready workspace is divided between a focused work area and a collaboration area. The remote office is outfitted with four personal Antenna desks and matching ergonomic ReGeneration desk chairs, both made by Knoll. Work and meetings center around a table sized for four, stackable ergonomic chairs by Allermuir, a wall-mounted wide-screen monitor by Samsung, and an HD video camera by Logitech for video conferences and presentations. Other tools for creativity include 24 x 7 access to amenities such as tea, coffee, and meals. While the desks and the meeting table all rest on engineered white oak flooring, stylish local rugs add softness to the space.

The second style of REMO workspace is designed for a single occupant seeking privacy, with a footprint of 160 ft2 per module. One side has a K. Base adjustable work desk, an ergonomic Knoll desk chair, and a multi-shelf bookcase. The other side of the office is for inspiration and contemplation, including a comfortable Allermuir lounge chair, side table, and ottoman.

All REMO workspaces are softened with dimmer lighting, comfortable rugs and carpeting, and quirky accessories such as artwork by local artists and regional books that welcome occupants to kick off their shoes, feel right at home, and get right to work. The interior environments are controllable, with thermostats to regulate temperature, Sonos loudspeaker, and desks and chairs that are fully adjustable to suit individual needs. Elements of essential productivity and comfort also include Mexico’s fastest Wifi 500 Mbps, double-glazing thermal glass, and high-performing solid walls and doors to limit heat gain or loss.

Key to both layouts are the windows, with at least two sides of full-height, mirrored glazing to bring the evocative views of their hotel settings into the work environment. “It’s a powerful way to connect to the beauty outside,” says Wallace, adding that hotel hospitality rounds out the REMO experience.

At REMO’s flagship location, Sensira Resort & Spa on the Riviera Maya in Cancun, Mexico, for instance, workspaces are located on a quiet fourth-floor roof terrace removed from busy areas of the property but still connected to onsite facilities and looking out onto spectacular views such as sunsets over the Riviera.

With their modular design, REMO’s workspaces can be quickly installed as well as relocated to reinvigorate distinct areas of hotel grounds and/or provide additional hotel services to guests. Meanwhile, REMO is developing a lot of tech for guests to use through its app. The company also has eyes on rotating local touches to workspaces, such as local art and accessories, to ensure that guests are aware of and present in the environments around them.

Watch this space for more to come.

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