REMO Launches Inspiring Modular Workspaces for Remote Workers in the World’s Finest Hotels

Private and productive offices amid the beauty and amenities of Sensira Resort & Spa on the Riviera Maya is the flagship location for two styles of modular workspace, with views of Caribbean coast at every turn

With remote work here to stay, REMO is blazing a new path for nomadic professionals to be focused and productive far from the office in modular workspaces set amid the beauty and amenities of the world’s finest hotels. A US-based remote start-up offering a modern solution for business travelers, digital nomads, freelancers, and forward-thinking entrepreneurs, REMO’s workspaces are efficient and inviting, with high-tech functionality, environmentally friendly construction, and sleek design opening the door for people to create freely and engage in work at five-star level.

“Think of REMO workspaces as a high-functioning CEO cabin with stellar views integrated into your favorite hotel,” said Yaroslav Prygara, CEO, who co-founded the company in 2021 after a dozen years of hopscotching the globe and learning the importance of having a productive workspace at each destination. “I’ve spent long stretches of the pandemic in hotels and realized true productivity manifests when functionality, inspiration, and an active lifestyle mix. I couldn’t find rooms, cafes, or hotel lobbies that served my needs. That’s when the REMO workspace idea started to take shape.” The REMO modular offices solve two key issues: they accommodate individuals or teams with everything to be creative and are located in luxury settings.

Hotels became popular destinations for remote work during the pandemic, as professionals of many stripes tapped empty guest rooms as day-to-day office spaces, and properties offered enticing deals to reduce vacancy rates. REMO has taken that concept and run with it, creating modular office units that can be easily laid out practically anywhere on the grounds of a hotel or resort.

At REMO’s new flagship location, Sensira Resort & Spa along the Riviera Maya in Cancun, Mexico, four individual and one team collaboration REMO workspaces are currently arrayed along the fourth-floor rooftop terrace, surrounded by beautiful views of Riviera Maya. When the hotel is booked through the REMO app, the use of the workspaces is complimentary for resort guests, who can reserve them while booking their hotel rooms. At check-in, a member of the front desk staff will show the REMO office as part of the resort tour.

“REMO workspaces have been a needed addition to Sensira Resort & Spa, providing an opportunity for remote workers to enjoy the best of our on-property amenities while having a high-tech office space to call their own,” said Fernando Rua, Vice President of Operations at Sensira Hotel Group.

Wherever the locations, the key element of the REMO experience is the modular office itself, available in two sizes and built of energy-efficient materials, including double glazing thermal glass and high-performing solid walls and doors to limit heat gain or loss. The larger office, sized for teams of up to four people, has a footprint of 430 ft2 (40 m2) and a full-height ceiling of 8 ft (2.4 m).

The interior of each team-ready workspace is divided between a focused work area and a collaboration area. The former has four personal Antenna desks and matching ergonomic ReGeneration desk chairs, both made by Knoll. The latter space is outfitted with a meeting table sized for four, stackable ergonomic chairs by Allermuir, a wall-mounted wide-screen monitor by Samsung, and an HD video camera by Logitech for video conferences and presentations. Other tools for creativity include 24 x 7 access to amenities such as tea, coffee, and meals. While the desks and the meeting table all rest on engineered white oak flooring, stylish local rugs add softness to the space.

The second style of REMO workspace is designed for a single occupant seeking privacy, with a footprint of 160 ft2 (15 m2) per module. One side has a K. Base adjustable work desk, an ergonomic Knoll desk chair, and a multi-shelf bookcase. The other side of the office is for inspiration and contemplation, including a comfortable Allermuir lounge chair, side table, and ottoman.

Whatever the size, all REMO workspaces have floor-to-ceiling windows on at least two sides affording inspiring views and a door secured by a Smart lock, which can be locked and unlocked via the mobile phone app. All workspaces are equipped with a high-speed Internet connection, ergonomically designed furniture, a terrace, hot coffee and tea, bottled water, and a food and beverage delivery service. Use of workspaces is granted to Remo app bookings first, though non-guests can also rent them through the app for $50 per 24 hours. Shorter increments are available, too. Following the launch of REMO at Sensira Resort & Spa, the company is catering to the US and LATAM markets, with plans to open locations in Texas and California.

“The REMO experience is built upon inspiration, convenience, and connectivity, with beautiful locations and scenic views, high-tech solutions including the ability to book a workspace and hotel room at once, and connectivity to the world beyond the customer’s own volition,” said Carrington Hill, Head of Customer Experience at REMO. “It combines empowerment and enablement, ensuring that customers have a great experience in their workspace and are free to live the remote lifestyle to the fullest.”

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