Unleashed Travel-Lust — A Year in Pictures

International travel returned in 2022 with a renewed sense of wonder. The pandemic lockdowns ignited an urge to really make it count. We have embraced it as “the year of the GOAT” – the Greatest of All Trips. As the year comes to an end, we grabbed from our massive collection of photos to take one more trip – this time, down memory lane to the most memorable places and experiences we’ve explored this year. Why so? As we look to 2023, we hope these photos ignite your adventurous spirit, expand your horizons with views from the four corners of the globe to its landscapes, people, and cultures, and encourage plans for your next journey.


A year in pictures - Explora Conservation Reserve

Explora’s Conservation Reserve adjacent to Torres del Paine National Park will have ten rooms with views that may never be blocked out by a guest closing the curtains. We certainly wouldn’t cover up this sight. Ever.


Galapagos Islands

The enchanted Galapagos Islands are the perfect destination for families, active travelers, birders, water lovers, and geeks like us who hike with binoculars. You never know when one of the Big 15 will block your path. Quite literally.


Unleashed Travel Lust - Thanda Island

We are waiting for someone to challenge our claim, but no one has stepped forward. Thanda Island, a mere 24 nautical miles off the coast of Tanzania and adjacent to Mafia Island Marine Park, is the only private island (we know of) that comes with a private marine reserve.



Eye-catching new luxury accommodations are rethinking the look, feel and experience of being on safari. Lolebezi in Zambia is one of them. Join us here for a G&T, please!


Unleashed Travel Lust - Remo Workspaces

The future of remote workspaces is private, ergonomically designed, and very cool. Remo office modules are spreading to the US. Watch this space!


Unleashed travel lust - Mashpi Lodge

What is it about waterfalls that inspire us to meditate, dream, and feel so very alive? With just under 30 waterfalls, the Mashpi Reserve is a dream destination for travelers who feel the magnetic pull of the ‘falls.


Atacama desert

Who knew Chile has the highest, driest desert on the planet? The sun shines over the Mars-like Atacama Desert 300 days a year. At 7,000 feet above sea level, clear skies and minuscule light pollution, makes it the perfect spot for some of the best stargazing in the world.


The Lion

Snares and traps cause the horrific and slow death of wildlife, and African Bush Camps Foundation supports the Conservation & Wildlife Fund’s anti-poaching initiatives in Southern Africa.


Discovery of 10th New Species at Mashpi Lodge: An Intricate Fluidifolia

Scientific research is a fundamental pillar of the Mashpi Lodge project. Thanks to the efforts of their Research & Biology team and international botanists, 10 animal and plant species have been described to science. Travelers staying at Mashpi Lodge directly contribute to financing these investigations and return home as ambassadors for the globally important and beautiful ecosystem of Ecuador’s Chocó forest.


Sci-fi cityscapes, tranquil green tea plantations, and eternal lakes make Japan a destination where the future meets the past. We are in awe of the ancient customs and stunning craftsmanship woven together with modern technology and futuristic fashion in this 6,800-island volcanic archipelago.


Rapa Nui

An exotic dot in the southern Pacific, Rapa Nui – a.k.a., Easter Island – is nothing if not mysterious. The 887 silent stone moai, the world’s clearest waters, and a population of wild horses that surpasses the human population on the island, are just some of the fascinating facts of the world’s most isolated spot, according to the United Nations Isolation Index.


Explora El Chalten

Surrounded by ancient forests, rushing rivers, and towering mountains, Explora El Chaltén is not only a shop-stopper of a hotel, but it’s also nestled within a natural amphitheater of rock, mountains, and ice, providing stunning and near-endless expanses for travelers to get out, get moving, and explore deeply.


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