Twenty-room lodge within Los Huemules Natural Reserve to offer explorations across expanses of forest, mountains, glaciers, and lakes 
** Opening December 15, 2021 **


Experience the wilds of southernmost South America with all the senses and from a whole new dimension at Explora El Chaltén, Argentinian Patagonia. Set to open on December 15, 2021,  Explora’s newest address is a destination with comforts all its own for explorations within Los Huemules Natural Reserve, a private 14,300-acre spread devoted to the preservation of native flora and fauna in the hushed heart of the Electrico Valley at the entrance to Campo de Hielo Sur.
Surrounded by ancient forests, rushing rivers, and towering mountains, Explora El Chaltén is nestled just 10 miles from the town of El Chaltén within a natural amphitheater of rock, mountains, and ice, providing stunning and near-endless expanses for travelers to get out, get moving, and explore deeply. As at every Explora destination throughout the continent, there will be plenty of bespoke opportunity for all of the above, with more than 30 available explorations mapped and designed by Explora for immersive outdoor activities of all levels and for all the senses, including hiking, overland trips, rock climbing, and even ice hiking over long stretches to areas well beyond typical attractions. Activities will always be adaptable to individual needs, with Explora’s own guides available to customize explorations to the abilities and interests of travelers.

Of course, even “typical attractions” are breathtaking to behold in Patagonia, with rolling rivers, turquoise lakes, forests of lengas, ñirres and coihues trees, and vast ice fields surrounded by skyscraping Andean peaks.

  • At Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, for instance, guides and travelers will head for views of shimmering glaciers through the valleys of Laguna de Los Tres, Laguna Torre, and Pliegue Taumbado, all within the shadows of Mount Fitz Roy and Mount Torre. Full-day hikes will include luxurious lunch picnics amidst 360-degree views of mountainous nature.
  • More than 25 kilometers of marked trails within the Los Huemules Reserve are available to Explora guests. From there, even the Cagliero Glacier can be explored, a gateway to the Southern Ice Fields, the world’s third-largest freshwater storage after Greenland and Antarctica.
  • Breathing the purest air at Lago del Desierto, fragrant forest walks will lead to Cerro Vespignani and its eponymous glacier, with a profound story of territorial conflict between Chile and Argentina to set the scene. Founded in 1985, the remote trekking haven helped strengthen Argentina’s claim to the territory.
  • Explora will also offer optional explorations for an additional fee, including a walk over the Cagliero Glacier and a full-day exploration to Perito Moreno Glacier in El Calafate. The latter includes transfers, time spend with gauchos, lunch, and navigating by vessel in front of the Perito Moreno glacier, all in the company of an expert guide. The excursion is a stunning way to experience these natural wonders and ice formations.
  • The more adventurous can join the Explora rock-climbing school, which offers three different levels, including an introduction to the discipline.
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