The Best Places to Visit in 2024

Desert Adventures, snowy wilderness, immersive city explorations, and Himalayan hikes – Jacada Travel shares the best travel destinations and experiences



The anticipation is mounting for a new year of uplifting travel. Jacada is excited to share their definitive list of best places to travel in 2024 – an inspiration for a year of adventures. Jacada Travel’s vision for the year ahead highlights off-the-radar regions like Finnish Lapland and Aisén in southern Chile, plus brand new bespoke experiences like cycling tours through the villages of Oman and tasting thakali dishes while hiking through Mustang in Nepal.

Jacada travel designers have recently been in Turkey and Morocco, both poised to come back stronger than ever after devastating natural disasters, keeping abreast of the best hotels and experiences. Try immersive city tours in Istanbul and oyster fishing off the coast of Oualidia in Morocco. South Korea beckons visitors with its alluring cherry blossoms and autumn leaves, staking its claim as the unmissable Southeast Asia destination for 2024.

Colombia is Jacada’s favourite spot for exclusive mountain hideaways and luxurious beachfront villas and Australia‘s reopening of Southern Ocean Lodge on Kangaroo Island is truly something to celebrate. When it comes to safaris, Zimbabwe and Tanzania top the ranks in 2024 with a new mobile camp, family-friendly camp inspiration and an abundance of wildlife that’s unbeatable.

With all of this in mind, read on to explore Jacada’s best places to travel in 2024, including expert tips from Jacada travel designers on what not to miss in 2024.


It’s no secret that Nepal is paradise for hikers and explorers (Mount Everest speaks for itself), but in 2024 Jacada is ready to go beyond the country’s most famous peak. Travel designers suggest spending some time in the sacred and spirited city of Kathmandu, and spotting species like the one-horned rhinoceros and Bengal tiger in the Chitwan and Bardia national parks.

Then there’s the newly opened Shinta Mani Mustang in the Annapurna region, which boasts jaw-dropping views of the Nilgiri Himal mountains through panoramic windows. This remote mountain refuge strikes the perfect balance between outdoor adventures and authentic culture, reflecting inspiration from Tibetan art in its design and seasonal local flavours in its cuisine.

Need to know: Nepal has designated 2023–2033 as the ‘Tourism Decade’ to work toward developing its infrastructure, promoting lesser-known areas and prioritising environmentally responsible travel in an effort to protect its natural resources.

South Korea

South Korea is a land of jaw-dropping natural beauty, glistening Buddhist temples, intricate ancient history, and a vibrant, forward-thinking culture gripped by K-pop and trailblazing modern technologies. Known as the ‘Land of the Morning Calm,’ Jacada Travel can’t get enough of Seoul‘s captivating combination of ancient temples and sleek cityscapes – but also loves the bustling seaside city of Busan and the culinary haven of Jeonju, the birthplace of bibimbap.

For those wondering when to visit South Korea in 2024, Jacada has two suggestions: plan a trip in March or April to try and catch the gorgeous cherry blossoms (they’re just as spectacular here as they are in Japan). Or travel in October or November to see the dazzling autumn leaves that blanket the country’s trees. Either option is especially ideal for a romantic honeymoon.

Need to know: As part of the 2023–24 ‘Visit Korea Year’, special events will take place across the country. In the summer of 2024, a museum dedicated to Korea’s leading contemporary artist, Park Seo-bo, will be built on Jeju Island. Later in the year the Seoul Robot and Artificial Intelligence Museum is due to open.


In September 2023, a massive earthquake left all of Morocco reeling. In the wake of its widespread destruction, the country is slowly rebuilding – and in the coming year, tourism will be an instrumental tool in its recovery. Jacada’s travel designers Jack and Natalie are keeping us updated on the reopenings and brand new adventures.

In 2024, Jacada Travel will focus on interactive and intimate experiences like learning how to make pottery, carpets, perfume or even drums with artisans in Marrakesh and Fes. Travelers can also discover the secrets of Sufism with a local expert, taste award-winning wines in Meknes, go oyster fishing in Oualidia (and sample the catch afterwards) or camp out in the Sahara with a stop in the oasis haven of Skoura to stay in style at Dar Ahlam.

Need to know: The Jacada team can’t wait to return to Kasbah Tamadot, a gorgeous retreat in the High Atlas Mountains, that will reopen in 2024. The experiences here are unequalled, from Berber cooking classes and outdoor cinema nights to local village visits and endless hiking trails.


Jacada has been singing the praises of Colombia for a while, but long-time favourites like Bogotá, Medellín, Cartagena,Tayrona are only just the beginning of what Colombia has to offer. In 2024 it’ll be easier than ever to access some of the country’s more remote regions, like the picturesque highland town of Barichara – which is only a 30-minute drive from the new Los Pozos Airport in San Gil.

Jacada travel designers are also looking forward to visiting the tropical grasslands of Los Llanos and the seaside village of Bahía Solano. Small towns like these have a decidedly slower pace of life that makes them the perfect complement to Colombia’s larger cities, where travellers will find more urban attractions like marvellous museums and renowned restaurants.

Need to know: Travel designer Jen points out that Colombia is a particularly great place for an adventurous honeymoon in 2024 (think private beach villas and mountain oases) or a thrilling family trip, with activities ranging from horse riding and hiking to hot air balloon rides.


Legendary for its classic safaris, Zimbabwe is now experiencing a resurgence thanks to its exceptionally trained guides, intimate properties and extensive wildlife areas. In 2024, take your safari a step further with a private guide who will get to know you and your interests, allowing them to customise your experience as they travel with you between camps throughout the country.

Beyond essential safari destinations like Hwange National Park and Mana Pools where travellers will find a couple of favourite camps; Wilderness Ruckomechi and the intimate Wilderness Little Makalolo, Jacada also highly suggest a visit to Victoria Falls. This is the ideal place to end a trip with a bit of relaxation, although there are still plenty of adventurous activities on offer. Stay at Matetsi: a luxury river lodge that works hard to minimise its carbon footprint, support locals and prevent poaching.

Need to know: For families who may have already been on safari in South Africa, Zimbabwe is an adventurous next step. At the family friendly Somalisa Acacia in Hwange National Park, guests of all ages will find a truly remote and authentic safari experience that’s appropriate for younger children.


Oman has become Jacada’s first new destination for 2024 and the team is more than a little excited to share more about this fascinating destination. This jewel of Arabia is an intriguing mix of history, culture and incredibly diverse landscapes. Visit Salalah during the summer monsoon season for lush foliage and rushing waterfalls, or the Al Hajar Mountains in spring to see the traditional Damask rose harvest.

Oman also abounds with opportunities for bespoke experiences; picture a picnic under an ancient frankincense tree, a cycling tour through the village of Al Hamra or an exhilarating cave adventure at the Alila Jabal Akhdar. At sea there’s snorkelling and scuba diving in the spectacular coral reef and private dhow charters to spot dolphins and whale sharks between September and November. Remote roaming camps, only reachable from private yachts, allow travellers to enjoy candle-lit gourmet dinners, extreme privacy and complete silence.

Need to know: Oman’s Ministry of Heritage and Tourism has big plans for promoting the country abroad in 2024 and the coastal town of Sur has been nominated as the Arab Tourism Capital for 2024.


Turkey bridges the border between Europe and Asia – not only geographically, but also culturally. The country is still in the process of recovering from a destructive earthquake in early 2023, and one of the best ways to help is by planning a responsible and respectful trip there. Jacada’s travel designer James has spent weeks in Turkey to find the most authentic experiences, exquisite hotels and best places to visit in 2024.

Istanbul boasts the fascinating Hagia Sophia, the bustling Grand Bazaar and an infinite array of eclectic cuisine. Jacada loves the elegant Burdock Hotel in the heart of Istanbul. It’s the perfect home base for exploring this dynamic and multifaceted city, featuring warm and colourful decor that fuses modern luxury with local design motifs.

Cappadocia‘s whimsical lunar landscape makes it a must-see – ideally on a sunrise hot air balloon ride. And there’s more; the ancient UNESCO protected ruins of Ephesus, the village of Alacati which is full of chic restaurants and Turkish heritage, and the laid-back beaches of Bodrum.

Need to know: Istanbul was named by Travel + Leisure as the best city in Europe in 2023, so in 2024 it’s definitely the right time to combine a visit with the rest of the country’s wonders on extended adventures across the land.


The Nordic nation of Finland can deliver a guaranteed real-life winter wonderland during the months of November to February, with most of the country blanketed in thick white snow. And, in January, February, November or December travellers have a good chance of seeing the sparkling snow-covered landscapes illuminated by mystical green auroras; the legendary northern lights.

Finland has a distinctive personality that sets it apart from the rest of Europe and even Scandinavia. It’s rugged and wild, infused with the influence of the Indigenous Sami culture and said to be home to the happiest population on earth. The city of Helsinki is a relaxed capital set on the Gulf of Finland, full of fantastic restaurants and engrossing museums.

Finland’s tourism sector has suffered in recent years. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine, coming in the wake of the COVID pandemic has seen visitor numbers significantly reduced. Visit in 2024 to support this pristine, peaceful country where warm-hearted residents show travellers the trip of a lifetime.

Need to know: 2024 brings the promise of some exciting new properties, including the lavish Hotel Maria in Helsinki and the brilliant Aurora Queen Resort in Saariselkä. The latter comprises 17 state-of-the-art glass igloos that fully immerse travellers in the beauty of Finnish Lapland.


When it comes to vast and varied landscapes, Chile is hard to beat. There’s the otherworldly Atacama Desert, verdant wine valleys, pristine Lake District and glacial terrain of Torres del Paine – but 2024 is the perfect time to venture even farther off the beaten track. For something truly special, consider exploring the mystical islands of Chiloé or the rugged Navarino Island.

The Jacada team is especially interested in the up-and-coming Aisén region, where travel designer Charles has recently spent some time. This southern part of the country boasts sparkling blue lakes, abundant wildlife, soaring glaciers, and delightfully secluded hotels. Given its enormous size and incredibly low population density, you might even get a piece of it all to yourself.

Need to know: Whatever you do, don’t miss Explora Patagonia National Park in Aisén. This self-sustaining luxury lodge was designed to make a minimal impact on the environment – and to serve as a gateway for travellers to discover the magic of the Patagonian wilderness.


Thinking of Australia, one might picture the iconic shells of the Sydney Opera House, the sophisticated cities of Victoria and Melbourne or the wild expanses of the Outback. These destinations are famous for a reason, but there’s plenty more to experience across this enormous island. In every direction travelers will find striking scenery and fascinating wildlife.

Head north to discover the untouched nature of the Top End, west to the white sand beaches of the Whitsundays, or south to Tasmania and Kangaroo Island. The latter is home to Southern Ocean Lodge, a one-of-a-kind property that was destroyed by wildfires in 2020. It’s recently reopened with some enticing upgrades, putting it at the top of our list for where to travel in 2024.

Need to know: Australia’s Northern Territory is a prime spot for safaris. Travellers can explore its seemingly endless savannahs and canyons with Lords Safaris, and stay at the isolated Bamurru Plains – looking out for wallabies, echidnas, black wallaroos and crocodiles.


Tanzania has always been one of Jacada Travel’s preferred destinations for sustainable safaris, but 2024 may be the best year yet to plan a trip to this East African country. Travel designer Jody has recently returned from a mobile safari research trip with the brand new Wilderness Usawa Serengeti, which offers low-impact walking safaris, along with traditional game drives, at various locations throughout the year.

Jacada Travel is also looking forward to the May 2024 opening of Singita Milele, an exclusive villa that will cater to private groups with personalised service and custom itineraries. Other top properties include Chem Chem Lodge (located in a private concession that prioritises conservation) and Lemala Kuria Hillse (powered by solar energy and built with recycled materials).

Need to know: For the Great Migration in 2024, the best time to visit Tanzania is June–October. But travelling during the green season from January to February will give you the chance to see newborn wildebeests – and help mitigate the effects of seasonal overtourism.

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