Jacada Travel Launches Bespoke
Trips to Oman

Journey from volcanic mountain ranges and shifting golden deserts to cities that span centuries as Jacada Travel continues expansion in the Middle East


Jacada Travel, the luxury travel company on a mission to create positive impact through uplifting journeys around the world, is excited to announce a new destination. Furthering the company’s regional expertise in the Middle East, Jacada Travel now offers bespoke trips to Oman.

Taking travellers from the country’s ancient cities to its pristine coastline, each itinerary is individually tailored with respect for local communities and the environment. Exhilarating off-road adventures, traditional Omani hospitality and superb guided tours to some of the earliest inhabited areas on the planet await.

Jacada journeys to Oman bring deeper and richer travel experiences, with the help of a dedicated Middle Eastern Concierge as well as a team of expert Travel Designers fresh from on-the-ground research trips.

Opportunities to Interact with Omanis

“Oman offers a new opportunity for us to provide tailored experiences that spotlight the country’s incredible diversity of landscapes and fascinating history and culture,” said Alesha Walton, Head of Middle East Travel Design. “While its neighbours may be showier, Oman stands out with its beauty, from the wild Al Hajar Mountains to the azure waters of the Musandam Peninsula and endless oceans of golden dunes across the Empty Quarter. Our guests can expect seamless exploration, thoughtfully designed hotels and rewarding opportunities to interact with Omanis across the country.”

Experiences have been shaped with local connections and are led by exceptional guides. “We favour working with locally owned businesses that have a profound involvement in their community,” said Natalie Lyall-Grant, Positive Impact Coordinator. “Tourism has the power not just to facilitate an exchange of ideas and perspectives – but to play a key role in preserving culture, history, biodiversity and heritage.”

Among the highlights of Jacada Travel’s new tailored offerings in Oman:

  • Visit excellent museums and cultural institutions in the city of Muscat, perched along the Gulf of Oman and surrounded by mountains and desert. Families with kids can embark on a treasure hunt through the labyrinthine souks, little ones following a treasure map to find a hidden gift.
  • Tuck into a private lunch under a frankincense tree en-route to the Empty Quarter, an unbroken stretch of sand-dune-dotted desert in southern Oman. There’s nothing like an evening spent stargazing at a private camp amid the seemingly endless sands to give new meaning to “off-grid.”
  • Charter a traditional Omani dhow and set sail for the Ad Dimaniyat Islands, whose rich marine diversity is protected by a UNESCO nature reserve. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for turtles, dolphins and migratory birds while snorkelling, diving or stand-up paddle boarding at glorious coral reefs.
  • Gaze in wonder at clear night skies from high above sea level in the Al Hajar mountains of northeast Oman. Peer at planets, through constellations, and on to other marvels with the aid of an astronomer who knows the heavens well.
  • Settle in for lunch with a local Bedouin family who will welcome travellers warmly while relating their way of life and traditions, as well as how changes have affected them in recent years.
  • Slip through ancient villages blooming with roses during springtime on the Saiq Plateau in northern Oman. Linger to learn about the centuries-old distilling process and enduring traditions behind true Omani rose water, renowned as a fragrance and seasoning, especially in local desserts.
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